I advise on automation technology, digitalisation, machine learning and sensor and measurement technology in water treatment.


I plan measurement and control technology for water treatment systems and other process plants, condition monitoring and environmental monitoring systems and their analysis tools.


I program, administer and configure PLCs (Siemens S7, WAGO, B&R and other IEC-based systems), IIoT applications, remote maintenance systems and remote control.

Your advantage,

Do you want to implement an idea in the area of industrial IoT, digitalisation or automation in your company - but you lack expertise? Get in touch and we'll develop a concept together.

My Goal.

With my work, clients are empowered to follow a sustainable path of digitalisation. They have the opportunity to use information and communication technology for a climate protection-oriented future of their products and services. In this way, they actively move towards the necessary paradigm shift. A fundamental building block of my work should be the sensible use of digital technology for a regulated and measurable emissions turnaround. Let's use technology properly.


Member of the VISIONSKULTUR project community

I have been a member of VISIONSKULTUR since the beginning of October. My project application for the further development of automated monitoring systems was selected for funding by the Innovation & Creative Hub in the old Prof. Hess Children's Hospital in Bremen. I am looking forward to an exciting time in the Creative Hub and the exchange with other projects and members from the thematic clusters

  • Education, Art & Culture, Social Affairs
  • Sport, Health and Lifestyle
  • Environment, Climate & Sustainability
  • Social Enterprises
  • Food and luxury foodstuffs
  • Applied Sciences
  • Handicraft, manual work and media

4E Engineers Technical Monitoring

Together with the company 4E Engineers, a FOSS-architecture was designed and set up to allow for the comprehensive monitoring of any components of a building's technical equipment. Highly flexible edge node gateways collect data from a wide range of protocols, which are then made available for further analysis.

Technologies used:
  • Docker
  • Grafana
  • InfluxDB
  • NodeRED
  • Flux
  • Modbus
  • 1-Wire
  • WMBus

MEDIRA Monitoring Profiler

The next generation for automated depth profile monitoring. Compared to previous developments, the cable is spooled onto the drum with this winch. A cross-thread spindle acts as a linear guide to ensure the cable is placed on the drum in an orderly manner. The overall system is much more compact and versatile.

Technologies used:
  • Own construction of the winch technology
  • Rotating signal transmission
  • Cross-thread spindle

Technical animations BIOMACON

For the transfer of knowledge and technology, technical animations of the structure of their pyrolysis systems were created for BIOMACON GmbH. The aim was to schematically convey the structure of a pyrolysis system. This was realised based on 3D models of the plant and specially created objects. The resulting scenes were animated and then rendered as video sequences. These serve as visual instructions for the construction of a BIOMACON plant in India.

Technologies used:
  • Blender 2.9
  • FreeCAD 0.19
  • Animation Nodes


With OMIO I provide a service for secure, fast and easy management of your real-time data. Open source tools are orchestrated for data acquisition, storage and analysis to provide a basis for further analysis tools and algorithms. In addition, an interface for the connection of water monitoring winches has been developed.

Technologies used:
  • MQTT
  • NodeRED
  • Telegraf
  • InfluxDB
  • Grafana
  • Python
  • Docker Container

Automatisiertes Gewässermonitoring

Im August 2019 wird das automatische Gewässermonitoring mittels einer Winde zur regelmäßigen Erhebung von Tiefenprofilen in Betrieb genommen. Messparamteter wie Wassertemperatur, pH-Wert, Chlorophyl und Sauerstoff werden voll automatisiert erfasst und dem Betreiber zur weiteren Verarbeitung in der eigenen IT-Infrastruktur zur Verfügung gestelt.

Eingesetze Technologien:
  • Siemens S7 1200
  • eigene Konstruktion der Windentechnik
  • OTT Hydrolab Messtechnik
  • Logger OTT netDL 1000


Tobias Ehn

Dipl. Wi.-lng.

Key areas:

  • Product and production development
  • Project and innovation management

Professional experience:

6 years as a project engineer in energy and environmental technology.

  • Hydraulic design, electrical planning and automation of ecological water treatment plants
  • Database development

3.5 years Engineering Office for Sustainable Digitalisation.

  • PLC-Programming
  • Planning and realisation of water monitoring
  • Planning of water treatment plants
  • IT concepts in automation technology
  • Process data acquisition and analysis
  • CAD development and 3D computer graphics


References & Partners

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