For the precise monitoring of pyrolytic boilers, I rely on the tried-and-tested MQTT and SparkplugB protocols. These enable reliable data acquisition and transmission in real time.

With MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) as a lightweight, reliable protocol, sensor data can be collected eff...

I have been a member of VISIONSKULTUR since the beginning of October. My project application for the further development of automated monitoring systems was selected for funding by the Innovation & Creative Hub in the old Prof. Hess Children's Hospital in Bremen. I am looking forward to an exciting time in the Creative Hub and the exchange with other projects and members from the thematic clusters

  • Education, Art & Culture, Social Affairs
  • Sport, Health and Lifestyle
  • Environment, Climate & Sustainability
  • Social Enterprises
  • Food and luxury foodstuffs
  • Applied Sciences
  • Handicraft, manual work and media